Friday, January 22, 2010

Engawa: Solar Decathlon 2005

Today all the participating studios --in architecture, landscape and interior design visited Engawa, the FIU 2005 Solar Decathlon house.  Amazing to think that students designed and built this!  Can't wait for us to build one, too.

The 2005 house now resides in the College of Engineering Campus  as a Sustainable Design laboratory.  'Engawa' is a Japanese word meaning unity between inside and outside.  FIU won first place in the Energy Balance competition that year.  Professor Zhu gave us all a tour through the house and explained the ideas behind the first FIU Decathlon project.


bedroom.jpg                      dining.jpg

January 22, 2010

J005 we brought the Engawa house to Washington and won first place in the Energy Balance Competition. “Engawa” is a Japanese architectural term meaning a unity between the interior and exterior. This is exemplified by the simplicity of the plan and the glass façade, which can be opened to create a unified living space.

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