Thursday, April 15, 2010

We have a SITE on the National Mall!

It's Final Review day, but we barely have time to focus on everything that's due.   Instead,  Decathlon is what's on everyone's mind --and we're off to a fast start!!  

Yesterday we were randomly assigned 4th choice in the site selection process for the Mall.  So at 10:45 AM today [EST] we had 15 minutes to choose any spot we wanted along Decathlete Way.  

And.... We chose Lot 102!  

We're going to be at the East end of the promenade, with northern and eastern exposures to public view.  We're also just in front of the Smithsonian Castle.  It's a cool site!


... For communication over the next 18 months with the competition organizers, we have to join a Yahoo group.  We now have a Yahoo ID and an account --just for FIU.

Byron Stafford at NREL told us that our model made it through the shipping process to Colorado beautifully in March!  Kudos to Manny and Andy who made that happen! 

Even MORE:

There will be a Schematic Design Workshop [to review our first Decathlon deliverable] in May --in Washington DC.  We'll get to meet all the competing teams and the Decathlon organizers!

PLUS:  All the boards and models of the 20 selected finalists will be on display in a special exhibit at the National Building Museum.

Whew!  Amazzzing....!

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