Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wood for DECK arrived on Site

Wednesday July 13th the Wood for the construction of the Deck arrived on site!... The deck area is 1,500sqft, which is double the area of the interior of the house, which is aprox 800sqft. The exterior Deck will be built entirely by the students.

Alvaro, Alfonso and Cristina as they received the wood on site.

Chrissy, our construction manager as they review the Deck Shop Drawings to begin the assembly
Meet Carlos as he cuts the wood
Since the wood arrived, the students have been working on site as they begin to build each module of the deck, we will have approximately 40 modules that will come together in Washington DC to form what will be the amazing exterior space of the Perform[D]ance House.

Double checking the shop drawings to continue working on the deck!


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