Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's all about Education!


Students of the School Architecture, as part of their course curriculum for Environmental Systems Class, made a field trip to the construction site of the perFORM[D]ance house.

Wearing their hard hats, approximately 15 students entered the construction site anxious to learn about this amazing project. Our project manager: Andy Madonna introduced the project and the competition. He explained that the U.S. Department of Energy selected twenty universities around the world to design and build a solar powered home to be displayed on the National Mall in our nation’s capital.

Then, Andy took them around the house explaining how the house is inspired by a very open living where interior and exterior spaces are blended. This is made possible by the louvered panels designed to provide shade and protect the house from hurricane winds.

As Andy stepped on the Deck, he went on explaining the construction process the house is going through both in the interior framing and the exterior deck. The students took notes and many photographs as they were very interested in learning about the Solar Decathlon 2011.

Take a look at some photos taken during their visit, which became a very rich experience for the students as they had the opportunity to learn and see up close what a real construction is all about! 

Grouo of students ready to begin the tour
Students taking notes and photographs as they learn about the perFORM[D]ance House

Our Project Manager, Andy Madonna as he explains the construction of the house

Students keeping distance from the actual construction, for security reasons.

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  1. I am paying close attention to your project. Very Innovative !!


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