Friday, September 23, 2011

Let the competition begin!!

After 7 long days of construction, finally the perFORM[D]ance House is ready to compete! Today, the all team photo was taken and the opening ceremony took place in the main tent! Our house was also judged for the Affordability contest!

Take a look at some more photos of construction progress and also visit the Solar Decathlon Official Website where you can see the progress and time lapse of the assembly phase!

Keep following as we go through very intense 10 competition days!

Take a look at some photos taken at West Potomac Park!

Signing off our last inspection!! Passed!

Showing our Louvre Opening for the Judges!

Sunset at the perFORM[D]ance House

Our House lit up!! Lighting contest begins!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Two days left for the begining of the competition!

The FIU perFORM[D]ance House Team continues to work 24/7 towards the completion of the House ready to be displayed in Washington DC!

So far the Solar Panels are now in place, the interior is painted and ready for the ceiling to be mounted, the core of the house is almost done and the deck is also close to completion.  The weather in DC has been great so far, perfect temperature for construction, since we come from a very hot and humid area! we are very happy to be working outside on a 65F weather!

Take a look at some updated photos of the team working continuously day and night!

Sunset at the West Potomac Park

Sunset from the roof of the perFORM[D]ance House

Gaby and Ana painting the Mechanical Room
taking a nap?

Joe, Robert, Ana, Gaby, Orlando

Our Faculty advisor

Working on the Roof with the Solar Panels

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Team FIU assembly progress in DC!

Team FIU is working hard re-assembling the perFORM[D]ance House in the grounds of National Mall's West Potomac Park in Washington, D.C.!

Take a look at the progress so far! The deck leveling is partially finished, the Metal Framing of the Louvered panels is being installed, the interior core is coming into place and the rush continues on until September 23rd when the Public Exhibits begin!

Remember to VOTE FOR TEAM FIU to be showcased on the Buildipedia video coverage of the Solar Decathlon 2011 !

Take a look as our most up to date photographs!

House on Day 3
Placing the metal framing for the louvered panels!
team work!
Interior core coming into place
Chrissy our Construction Manager and Deana in our Storage POD

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DAY 1 of Assembly in DC!

The rush begins as all the teams are now at the begining of the assembly process of their houses. It's only 7 days on a 24hr schedule! 

Take a look at the perFORM[D]ance House FIU team as they level the foundations in place as well as the arrival of the trucks! 

More to come so check back soon!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FIU Alumni Welcomes Team Members in DC

The FIU Alumni currently in Washington D.C. held a reception to welcome the FIU perFORM[D]ance House team members upon their arrival to the Solar Decathlon Competition, just the day before the house arrives and assembly begins!

Take a look at some photos while they enjoyed a wonderful evening with their colleagues in the Nation's Capital!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Team Members Arrive to D.C!

Welcome to Washington D.C.!!

Some of our Florida International University Team Members already arrived to Washington D.C!! Anxiously waiting for the House to arrive and begin the assembly process on September 13th.

Take a look at some photos taken at their arrival. Stay tuned as we will cover every step of the assembly of the perFORM[D]ance House and the Solar Decathlon 2011 Competition!

Best of luck to all the Teams!!!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The house begins it's journey to DC!!

Congratulations to the FIU Solar Decathlon Team!!! 

After a long day/night of preparation, the perFORM[D]ance house begins it's journey to Washington D.C. for arrival on Sept. 13th to the National Mall!

The team has worked so hard these past few months to make this happen, and to see the house depart on trucks it's already a huge accomplishment! Go Team FIU!!

Take a look at the footage taken while loading the house into the trucks and some photos take as well.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Educating Future Interior Designers

To keep educating the future generations, one of our team members Tari Pelaez, offered a field trip to the construction site of the perFORM[D]ance house for the class she teaches called: Materials for Interiors, for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Tari gave them a tour through the house focusing on the materiality, which was selected on their renewable, recyclable and regenerative qualities. As well as responding to the climatic conditions and efficiency.

Take a look at the students as they walk through the perFORM[D]ance house, as it is already in the dis-assembly process soon to depart to Washington D.C.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Almost ready to ship the perFORM[D]ance House!

 The perFORM[D]ance house is almost ready to depart to Washington DC!!!

The past few days were spent finishing the house skirting, testing a prototype louver mechanism that allows it to operate, and finishing work on the interior pieces.

Testing the Louvre mechanism

The image above shows the kitchen with the lights turned on, which is part of our tests of the now finished electrical system which essentially means the house is being tested for how well all of it's working systems function.