Sunday, September 18, 2011

Two days left for the begining of the competition!

The FIU perFORM[D]ance House Team continues to work 24/7 towards the completion of the House ready to be displayed in Washington DC!

So far the Solar Panels are now in place, the interior is painted and ready for the ceiling to be mounted, the core of the house is almost done and the deck is also close to completion.  The weather in DC has been great so far, perfect temperature for construction, since we come from a very hot and humid area! we are very happy to be working outside on a 65F weather!

Take a look at some updated photos of the team working continuously day and night!

Sunset at the West Potomac Park

Sunset from the roof of the perFORM[D]ance House

Gaby and Ana painting the Mechanical Room
taking a nap?

Joe, Robert, Ana, Gaby, Orlando

Our Faculty advisor

Working on the Roof with the Solar Panels

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